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Ideas To Paint Walls You Have Forgotten

Learning To Be A House Painter In Austin

The art of being a painter is not just picking up the brush, a bowl, paint, and painting like crazy as if the world were ending. There is much more behind and a series of guidelines and tricks for painting walls that we must take into account so that they are left with a finish of homogeneity and professionalism in the surface to be treated, whether it is a wall or a complete room, a piece of furniture or whatever price.

From The Preparation Aspect

When we start, some good tips for painting walls is to have the windows wide open. With the windows open, the walls dry sooner, and that smell that few of us like will disappear.

House Painting Exterior

In exterior walls, it must be remembered that we will get down to work when it does not rain, we do not have much heat or the happy wind as the surface layer on the facing could crack. In times of high heat, it is preferable to the first or last hour of the day where the temperature is less aggressive.

The areas must be well illuminated. If it is exterior and natural light, the better! ... and if we have no choice, with artificial light. Only with good lighting will you see faults while you are working and what areas are going wrong.

Working at night is not a good idea; in most cases, the next day, you will regret it when you start looking at the wall.

The ground well covered. You have many materials that are already sold in hardware stores or specialized paint houses that will facilitate the task. In most places, you will find rolls of a special plastic that have an adhesive part on the side to fix them. If you have a blanket, it can help you, and I advise not to use the typical old sheet because the paint will penetrate the ground.

The Color On The Wall

We must take into account the space we have, that is, a trick to paint walls of different colors giving the feeling of spaciousness, in its general aspect, is that you can choose to paint the walls in the color you want, but the ceiling It should be white that will give an appearance of altitude. In addition, the economic aspect also influences since white paint, as a rule, is cheaper than colored paint.

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