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Wall Ideas

Ideas To Paint Walls You Have Forgotten

Learning To Be A House Painter In Austin

The art of being a painter is not just picking up the brush, a bowl, paint, and painting like crazy as if the world were ending. There is much more behind and a series of guidelines and tricks for painting walls that we must take into account so that they are left with a finish of homogeneity and professionalism in the surface to be treated, whether it is a wall or a complete room, a piece of furniture or whatever price.

From The Preparation Aspect

When we start, some good tips for painting walls is to have the windows wide open. With the windows open, the walls dry sooner, and that smell that few of us like will disappear.

House Painting Exterior

In exterior walls, it must be remembered that we will get down to work when it does not rain, we do not have much heat or the happy wind as the surface layer on the facing could crack. In times of high heat, it is preferable to the first or last hour of the day where the temperature is less aggressive.

The areas must be well illuminated. If it is exterior and natural light, the better! ... and if we have no choice, with artificial light. Only with good lighting will you see faults while you are working and what areas are going wrong.

Working at night is not a good idea; in most cases, the next day, you will regret it when you start looking at the wall.

The ground well covered. You have many materials that are already sold in hardware stores or specialized paint houses that will facilitate the task. In most places, you will find rolls of a special plastic that have an adhesive part on the side to fix them. If you have a blanket, it can help you, and I advise not to use the typical old sheet because the paint will penetrate the ground.

The Color On The Wall

We must take into account the space we have, that is, a trick to paint walls of different colors giving the feeling of spaciousness, in its general aspect, is that you can choose to paint the walls in the color you want, but the ceiling It should be white that will give an appearance of altitude. In addition, the economic aspect also influences since white paint, as a rule, is cheaper than colored paint.

Choose A Color

Colors With Which You Should Not Paint The Walls Of Your House

Austin Painters Tips

You have encouraged yourself to give a change to the appearance of your home in Austin, but you fear that your bet on your favorite color will not turn out to be the best option. You do well by being prudent; You could make a book of decorative horrors with pictures of rooms painted in an inspirational boot.

Don’t even think about looking for the paint cans before reading our tips; It can be expensive (and on top of that it can be very ugly).

Yellow in children’s rooms

When we think of the smallest bedroom, we have to keep in mind both the aesthetic factor of the decoration and certain colors with which not to paint the walls, since children are very sensitive to certain aspects that for us are more subtle and certain shades they alter their mood excessively.

This is the case of the color yellow, which can be beautiful when it is well located and very cheerful, something in keeping with the vitality of the little ones in the house, but it can be too stimulating for them and cause too much nervousness. If you are still evaluating using that color, try to make it more pastel and not have the main role.

White ceilings on low walls

Austin Painters recommends that if the room you want to paint has low walls, forget about bleaching the ceiling because it will further accentuate the oppressive feeling of it.

When a ceiling is painted in white, who could well take up more space than the rest of the walls in the room, the sensation of the ceiling’s large size is even more extended, and it becomes oppressive when it comes to being perceived as if come on top.

Painters In Austin

Excessive multi-color

Sometimes it happens that, in the desire to generate a substantial change in a room, the mistake is made of combining too many patterns with too much color. That you have seen that in this or that magazine such a combination is great does not mean that it is suitable for any space or that you will not be saturated as soon as a few months pass.

For that reason, if you have seen any wallpaper that would look amazing in your home, remember the expression “use sparingly” and limit yourself to a single, strategically selected wall. As for the rest of the stay, take note of the other maxim, “less is more.”

Painting A Facade

Ideas For Painting The Facade Of A House

House Painting Your Facade in Austin

The facade of a house says a lot about the family that inhabits it and where it is located. However, this task has little difficulty. Is that to change the color of the facade of a house, you have to take into account some points:

  • First of all, we must know about our environment. Where the house is located.
  • Ideally, investigate the model of the house you have, that is, how it is built. This is important because you may have an architectural element that needs to be highlighted.
  • Use some form of moisture blocker or waterproof before applying the final paint. This will prevent the interior from getting damp and help the paint last much longer without problems.

Now that we have the points to consider, let’s review some ideas to achieve that dreamy facade:

Earth colors

This type of color is associated with houses in Austin of a more rustic style, such as cabins or country houses. If you want the facade of a sober and elegant house for your country house, this is the option. Within the earth colors, we can highlight beige, browns, some types of green (somewhat brown), and others, among others.

Pastel or soft colors

If you don’t like to stand out a lot but still want to use a less common color, pastel or soft colors are your solution. They can be used in places like condos or small neighborhoods. They help to make the facade of a house look much more serene and cozy. They are a good option to discuss it with your neighbors and achieve something different together.

Muted colors

When I speak of muted colors, I do not mean that they are dark colors, but rather that they are not vibrant. In this sense, you can choose what in Chile call us “colonial colors.” An example is “ocher pink,” which combines excellently with a gray. They work quite well in houses with a continuous facade or also in country houses. They are colors that, having that ocher tone, last a long time, in addition to being very distinguished.

Painting Coatings in Austin

Although they are not colors, they give texture to the facade of a house. In that sense, they are a real contribution to the aesthetics of a house. They can be combined with each other, for example, a wood, stone cladding, or both together. They will make your house really look like another.